Sweet Diamond Reviews

Received a frozen box of Green Chili and Mild German Brats with Habanero Mango, Sriracha, Chipotle Ketchup, Brown Sugar Mustard and Fred Shake. I poached the brats in beer and diced onions then finished them on the grill ~ absolute July 4th crowd pleaser and delicious! I highly recommend these products as a go-to BBQ staple.
Shawn B - IA

The anticipation was real! We were so excited to receive our Sweet Diamond Starter Pack and it did not disappoint. Being from Wisconsin, and now residing in Kansas, we know what a good brat is and let me tell you, these are the BEST brats we have ever had. Started off with the basic bratwurst and they didn’t disappoint. My daughter is so picky when it comes to meats in a casing and she was blown away. The next day, my husband made the green chili links, without my approval, and he was beyond excited about what he ate. His grandparents owned their own butcher shop in Two Rivers, WI, “back in the day” and their brats didn’t even compare to the deliciousness of these brats. The Brown Sugar Mustard rocks! Used that to dip my Dots pretzels in and I couldn’t get enough. The Fred Shake will be used on our next “burger night” and on popcorn was just delish! So excited to try the ketchups and the Not So Hot sauce. Well done Sweet Diamond Foods. America doesn’t know what’s out there and I can’t wait to share this delectable, savory stuff!! Can’t wait for more Sweet Diamond delicacies!
Eric and Jill W - Overland Park, KS

Seriously, the best brat I have ever had!
Adam G. Wauwatosa - WI
Sweet Diamond Foods Brat Review

Made our first order from Sweet Diamond Foods. If you love brats, spicy brats, hot sauce, etc. hit up my brother from another mother, Fred Schaller and Sweet Diamond Foods.

I had the green chili brats last night, one with mustard and one with chipotle ketchup. A culinary delight. Great flavor and a nice pop on the casing.

Mike F. - WI

Sweet Diamond Foods, to our doorstep in just over 24 hours. Great job guys! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this deliciousness!

James K. Racine - WI
Sweet Diamond Foods Pack Review

Oh My God, your brats are so good. The mustard is great too!

Dave M. - Los Angeles, CA

We used SDF Brown Sugar Mustard tonight to glaze salmon. My wife said it was the best we have had to date.

Mike F. - WI

Another Sweet Diamond Foods Night, burgers with Fred Shake.

Adam G. - Wauwatosa,WI
Sweet Diamond Foods Fred Shake Review

We got all of our SDF products yesterday, we are super psyched.

Sally Z. - WI

Just got home to Sweet Diamond surprise on my front porch. All products are completely frozen and the packaging is terrific.

Mike F. - WI


Sweet Diamond Foods arrving in box
Brats arriving in the freezer box
Sweet Diamond Foods what's in the box
Brats out of the box
Sweet Diamond Foods ready to grill
Ready to throw them on the grill
Sweet Diamond Foods brats are grilling
Brats on the grill
Sweet Diamond Foods brats and sauces
Brats and sauces
Sweet Diamond Foods brats for dinner
Brats ready to eat