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About the Founder

Fred Schaller

Fred Schaller started in the restaurant business back in 1982. He worked in every aspect of the restaurant business as his father was the owner.  Fred mopped the floors, washed dishes, bussed tables, and cooked. He continued to work in the restaurant business until 2020, being a Chef, manager, and multi-unit manager for large corporate restaurant companies, as well as owning a couple of restaurants himself.

His career started in Wisconsin which led him to: Washington DC, Columbus, OH., Las Vegas, NV, Dallas Texas, a brief but wonderful time in Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Then off to Albuquerque to end up back in the Midwest in the western suburbs of Chicago. All the time meeting excellent restaurant chefs and managers from around the country.

He learned the different foods and cooking styles from all those regions. He learned the importance of treating his people with respect and kindness. He always made sure he would cook food for his staff on special days and holidays. Food that is sold to this day on this website.

How We started and our history

Fred Schaller

Fred has made sausages, brats, and hot dogs for years. He sold them at his restaurants, but mainly gave them away to family and friends. He then started making condiments. He started with hot sauces and salsas then moved into ketchup, BBQ sauces and mustard.

The day after Fred and his wife Karen's recent wedding, they invited family and friends to come by their house to continue the wedding festivities. In normal fashion, Fred produced a large spread of food. Every wedding guest received a seasoning packet of Fred Shake upon entry. On the menu was Fred's Brats and Green Chili brats with SDF's brown sugar mustard.

Fred had a line of guests in his kitchen that ran through his living room waiting to get a brat before he ran out. Fred at that time was with his best man from his wedding and lifelong friend, Karl Olson. Karl looked at Fred with slight shock and said, "Buddy Boy, we have got to do this! We have got to start this company. Too many people love this product to not give it to a larger audience."

Shortly after Fred launched Sweet Diamond Foods with Karl as his business partner.

Our experience 

Fred has literally made thousands of brats and other varieties of sausages. Also, he has been making his condiments, such as mustard, ketchup, and BBQ sauce for over 15 years. Sweet Diamond Foods will continue to launch new products so be on the lookout.