Frequently Asked Questions

How does the shipping work?

Please refer to the shipping information page on this website.

What is a German Brand Link?

When we first produced our Sausages that we considered to be "Brats" we were told otherwise by the USDA. Since our "Brat" or German Brand Link is considered to have 6% fat and moisture, and the USDA version of a Bratwurst is considered to only contain 3% fat and moisture, we thought it best to change the name and not the recipe.

Do you sell to Grocery or other Wholesale Companies

We do. That is how we started. We have worked with Soldier Field football stadium, large convention centers, and other large venues. We will continue to do so as we continue to grow. Grocery stores are the one area we have not gotten into yet, but we are looking forward to getting involved with stores near you in the future.


Is there a way I can send some SDF products as a gift to someone?  

Yes, we highly encourage you to spread the SDF love!  You can include a gift message when viewing your cart as you checkout.  

Do you think you will get more sausages, sauces and seasonings coming?

Yes, we will. We wanted to get up and going with a good base of products. We do have BBQ sauce and rub that will be ready to launch soon. Hot Dogs, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, and Cheese Curd stuffed Brats are all planned to come out soon too.

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